About Me

Hello, I'm Azra! I'm a full-stack web developer with a penchant for building and working with APIs. My skills include Javascript, React, Node, Express, Postgres, Python, and Flask.

I have a BA in Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley and have worked in product and growth capacities at tech companies like Facebook and MasterClass. As a result, I’ve developed a business sense as well as strong collaboration skills that allow me to work well with a variety of stakeholders and engineers alike. I’m excited to merge these skills with my technical abilities to build world-class software and products.

Miracle Messages Activity Map

Miracle Messages is a non-profit that connects people experiencing homelessness with their long lost family members through the power of recorded video messages spread via the internet using social media as a powerful tool for good. This activity map along with an admin panel was built in partnership with Miracle Messages to help people visualize all activity around reunions and connect volunteers together. It was built using React and Node and the Mapbox API was utilized to build out the map.

Sauti Databank

Sauti East Africa is a non-profit organization that empowers entrepreneurs in East Africa to trade legally, safely, and profitably in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. I was selected for an 8-week Team Lead position (paid), leading and coding with a group of 6 engineers to build a data visualization portal using React, Node, Express, and mySQL.